Sprend is released

Last night, until 11 o’clock, I played a tennis match. After pocketing the match ball I went home to finally deploy Sprend. It was a Jurassic Park moment: “65 million years in the making”. Or at least that’s what it felt like. The original plan was to rename the site one year ago. But now we’re there. I went to bed at 4 in the morning. Phew.

The deployment of the new app went okay. I had to do a database upgrade as well, adding a field and an index, and updating the MySQL database engine to InnoDB. The automatic db upgrade caused a little hickup, and I had to run the sql by hand in stead. No big deal. I had obviously tested my auto-upgrade on a different version of MySQL – pretty stupid.

So what’s new? The name. Four languages. Some under-the-hood bugfixing to enhance stability.

This means that skickafilen.se is no more than an alternative domain name to get to the site. Actually, the site has five domain names: sprend.com, sprend.se, sprend.no, skickafilen.com and skickafilen.se. Sooner or later there will be as many sprend.* domains as there or google.* domains.

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I am Sprend.
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One Response to Sprend is released

  1. Andreas says:

    Mycket bra att ha höga mål!
    Men frågan är, är det genomförbart? Yousendit är ju ganska stort trots allt. Sedan har vi speedyshare & zippyshare.
    Vad är det för folk du söker?

    Jag kan eventuellt vara till nytta då jag kan photoshop med bundna ögon.

    Hör av dig,