Stack Overflow successfully uses UserVoice to get feedback and suggestions on new features or bugs to be fixed. The Stack Overflow team has so far completed 1831 (!) requests. Pretty impressive.

I believe that any company, that lives on the web or outside it, and takes their business seriously needs to communicate openly with their customers. It is a sign of strength to publish good as well as not so good feedback on your own web site. It’s a mystery to me that so few companies actually do this.

If often email or call the customer support department with questions or suggestions. So far I have never been offered the ability to follow my particular issue through their system. At best, you’ll get: “I will forward this to the development team”. At best! It’s a shame that the only staff member who will ever communicate directly with a customer also seems to be the person with the least to say about the products and services offered.

Until a few days ago Sprend had only its simple feedback forum. From now, we also have a UserVoice forum, go check it out at

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