New server

A little over a month ago we retired our old server that’s been serving us since we started out with Sprend. I guess it’s obvious we needed an upgrade to increase stability and scalability. The 2.6 GHz P4 of the old Dell Inspiron had been running at 100% continuously for quite some time. The Java process stole 99% of the CPU which in turn made it difficult for MySQL to do its job.

The new machine is working well and the CPU usage is way down. The percentage of failed file transfers is also looking better. Before the switch, 25% of the uploads failed and 11% of the downloads. With the new server the numbers are 17% failed uploads and 9% failed downloads. Better but still not very good.

Both the system drive and the data drive is mirrored with Linux software RAID.

An interesting solution of the new machines is that the system disk is a USB flash drive (actually two drives because of mirroring). It took a while for Sysadm to convince me to try that. It seems to work but we moved the MySQL db from the USB drive to the hard drive for better performance.

The server also has got newer versions of Java (6), Tomcat (6.0) and MySQL (5.0). The next step, hardware wise, is to figure out the simplest way to plug in the second server as well. Adding another dimension always adds quite a bit of complexity.

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