More stats on our traffic

It’s half a year since I published some numbers on the growing traffic of our server.
That growth has largely “flatlined” (levelled off) the last weeks, mainly because we reached the maximum capacity of our internet connection (during our peak hours of visitors) a long time ago.
But also the growing amount of disk IO and CPU & threads that Tomcat consumes does strain the server itself.
Anyway, here are the numbers as of 2010-10-10:
(The date 10/10/10 = 101010 = 42 in binary = The Ultimate Answer) :)
  • Around 120-170 ongoing file transfers at peak hours
  • Around 300,000 visitors (130,000 unique visitors) per month
  • Around 260,000 successful file transfers per month
  • Around 25 TiB (terabytes) of file transfers per month
  • Around 800 GiB of user data, spread out on 8,000 files, is constantly in our storage
  • The filetransfers consist of 58% uploads and 42% downloads (hey, 42, that’s nice!)
  • Around 17% of uploads and 8% of downloads fail (these are not included in the 260,000 figure)
  • Around 88% of the visitors are from Nordic countries (82% from Sweden + 6% from the others)
Edit: See comment #4 of this post for updated statistics.

Regarding failed file transfers:

Sprend uses HTTP GET and POST, and we allow people to use any browser.
Neither of those are the best ways to transfer files in a reliable manner (but they are the quick & easy ways).
Click on the screenshot below and you’ll see real statistics (and some of it is interesting stuff that I haven’t talked about here):

(To note of the screenshot: it shows the average percentages over time, while I wrote about Sweden’s current percentage. And Finland’s 1% isn’t visible in the screenshot.)

We must keep this eternal truth in mind though:
“There are lies, damn lies, statistics, benchmarks and delivery dates”
(To which I would add “religion, capitalists and Fox News)
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4 Responses to More stats on our traffic

  1. Joakim Signal says:

    It's a new year, so here are some updates on the statistics.

    - Around 330,000 visitors per month
    - Around 285,000 successful file transfers per month
    - Around 28 TiB of file transfers per month
    - Around 900 GiB of user data

  2. Arne Evertsson says:

    Visits and unique visitors are not the same. We had 330,000 visits in October, and 142,000 visitors.

  3. Joakim Signal says:

    Hey Börre.

    Actually, as of right now (roughly a month after the post was made) we're at 4 million visitors per year.
    That's because we have 330,000 visitors per month now.

    Counting from 24 months ago until today, we've had around 4 million visitors. But now it would only take us 12 months to accumulate that amount of traffic.

    But as I kind of predicted in the post, our traffic has stopped growing now.
    So, does anyone feel like donating a gigabit internet connection to us, so that our traffic can reach a legendary level :)

  4. Börre Holli, Sprend says:

    Thats around 3.8 million visitors in a year. Not bad!
    I like your Ultimate Answer reference :)