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I’ve had the goal of making the Sprend project more open and transparent. But writing blog posts takes a lot of effort so I’ve hesitated. Let this be a new start. With a little luck from now on I’ll write more often, but perhaps my thoughts might not be as well pondered as those of Paul Graham.

Internally we’ve had discussions on our mailing list and irc channel about the next step. A new thing is our Facebook page thanks to Börre. I not particularly fond of the all-u-can-eat, we-are-the-internet kind of goal that Facebook has, and I canceled my account some time ago. But perhaps I can change my mind.

Now for the meat. This is my view of the future. The focus for Sprend (as soon as I’ve managed to amass enough cash to support myself for a few months) is to build a first commercial version. And no, we won’t kill the free version in the process. 

The goal is to build a premium service with as little as possible of new functionality, with the simplest way of charging money (simplest to implement for us), and having a reasonable chance, in case of trouble, to bring back files of paying customers, with at most 2-3 hours downtime. The new functionality: multiple recipients and downloads, new field for sender’s email address (= pretty much the top items of sprend.uservoice.com).

We will do this according to the KISS principle, as simple and as cheap as possible. At least we need to do the following:

  • Design and implement the premium service.
  • Solve problem 1: Our connection to the internet is down. How do we solve this for paying customers within 2-3 hours?
  • Solve problem 2: Our server is down (for whatever hardware or software related reason). How do we solve this for paying customers with 2-3 hours?
  • Solve problem 3: When the load of our free service affects the performance of the payed version, how do we make sure that the paying customers get to their files?
  • Will we be ready for so much more support calls and emails?

I have most certainly left out a number of important issues. But this is a start. What do you think, team?

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