Sprend has been updated

A few weeks ago Sprend initiated a cooperation with Infoflex Connect and FileCentral. We are now making some changes to improve the user experience and quality of the service:

  • New internet connection with better stability and capacity
  • New hardware
  • Updated layout
  • Many internal improvements

And there is more to come…

Please give us your feedback either as a comment or on our “Feedback” page on sprend.com.

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4 Responses to Sprend has been updated

  1. Gerrit Steenkamp says:

    Thank you for running this site, it is much appreciated and works fine.
    Just one request tough, before the recent update the the email addresses used and ‘Message’ was remembered in a drop down bar. After the update it seems they are not remembered. Please bring it back
    Thank you

    • Stefan says:

      Good to hear you like our service!

      This is not a function in Sprend, but rather your browser would remember previously entered form values, if configured for it.
      The form field names in Sprend may have changed but it should remember new values entered. If not you need to check your browser configuration.

      Thank you for your feedback.

  2. Anders Sjögren says:

    Mycket snabbare nu1 Tack för det!

  3. Michael Ambjorn says:

    Tack för en förbättrad Sprend! :)