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Log in via Facebook

We have enabled the possibility to log in to Sprend using your Facebook account. The e-mail address is the Sprend username and after verifying the login with Facebook we fetch the e-mail address for the Facebook account. If no Sprend … Continue reading

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Custom layout and background image

We have updated our tech note on how Sprend Pro users can add a custom layout and replace the background image. Read more

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Sending to multiple recipients

We have updated Sprend to allow for sending a file to multiple recipients. This is available to all our users with a paid account, Sprend Pro. Register to test Sprend Pro for 5 days at no cost. The full list … Continue reading

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Upgrade Jan 18, 2012

Today we have deployed a minor update. Pin codes are now 6 characters Improved pin code generation algorithm Added “Send file” to menu displayed when logged in  

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Upgrade Dec 1, 2011

Today we upgraded the Sprend platform: Files are now kept 2 hours from first download instead of being immediately deleted Warning if user clicks a link that would interrupt an ongoing upload Validate format of e-mail address Help and about … Continue reading

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Sprend has been updated

A few weeks ago Sprend initiated a cooperation with Infoflex Connect and FileCentral. We are now making some changes to improve the user experience and quality of the service: New internet connection with better stability and capacity New hardware Updated … Continue reading

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Facebook and things to come

Sprend now has a Facebook page: It’s in norwegian, because Børre – our norwegian guy – created it. But we’re in the process of transforming it into english, because that’s our default language when communicating with the world (we … Continue reading

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More stats on our traffic

It’s half a year since I published some numbers on the growing traffic of our server. That growth has largely “flatlined” (levelled off) the last weeks, mainly because we reached the maximum capacity of our internet connection (during our peak … Continue reading

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New server (expanded)

Hello.I’m the sysadmin at Sprend.In this post I’ll expand on Arnes previous post (read that one first), and dive into technical details.So consider yourself warned, this is gonna be fairly nerdy stuff (Actually the Wikipedia geek article has a better … Continue reading

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