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I am Sprend.

Ny funktion: Se innehållet av zip-filer!

När du tar emot en fil via Sprend kommer numera innehållet av en arkiv-fil att visas direkt i mejlmeddelandet. När du fortsätter till hämta-sidan kommer listan av filen att visas även där. Vi har begränsat längden på fil-listan för att … Läs mer

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Så här såg Sprends förstasida ut i flera år innan vi bytte layout i oktober 2011. Anno 2004 var året då Sprend såg internets fiberkablar lysa upp för första gången (då hette tjänsten skickafilen.se).

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Detta inlägg har gjorts om till en fast sida: FAQ

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Future of Sprend

I’ve had the goal of making the Sprend project more open and transparent. But writing blog posts takes a lot of effort so I’ve hesitated. Let this be a new start. With a little luck from now on I’ll write … Läs mer

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Keeping the Sprend server happy

I’ve just blogged on my personal blog about something related to keeping the Sprend server healthy: Automatically reconnecting ssh sessions at wakeup

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I’ve been away for a month and Sprend has been rocking like a clock, humming like Volvo truck, and generally keeping users happy. That’s good. That’s nice. Mmmmm.

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Easier to receive files

I’ve just added a feature that makes it easier for those who want to receive files via Sprend. By adding a parameter to the link url the email address will be filled in already. Try out the following link: http://sprend.com/?emailaddress=somebody@somewhere.com … Läs mer

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New version

I deployed build 323 this morning. There are only a couple of visible changes, and among those are two simple bug fixes in the email handling (#1, #2). But under the hood quite a few things have changed. I’ve been … Läs mer

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The site was down for almost twenty hours yesterday. Let’s start with the pathetic excuses: Our ISP had a broken cable that took a long time to repair. Obviously one needs a backup ISP for this kind of situation. I … Läs mer

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New server

A little over a month ago we retired our old server that’s been serving us since we started out with Sprend. I guess it’s obvious we needed an upgrade to increase stability and scalability. The 2.6 GHz P4 of the … Läs mer

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