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New feature alert: View contents of zip files!

When you receive a zip file via Sprend the contents of the archive will be displayed directly in the email message. When you go to the download page the archive file listing will be there as well. We’ve limited the … Continue reading

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Log in via Facebook

We have enabled the possibility to log in to Sprend using your Facebook account. The e-mail address is the Sprend username and after verifying the login with Facebook we fetch the e-mail address for the Facebook account. If no Sprend … Continue reading

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Facebook and things to come

Sprend now has a Facebook page: It’s in norwegian, because Børre – our norwegian guy – created it. But we’re in the process of transforming it into english, because that’s our default language when communicating with the world (we … Continue reading

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Easier to receive files

I’ve just added a feature that makes it easier for those who want to receive files via Sprend. By adding a parameter to the link url the email address will be filled in already. Try out the following link: … Continue reading

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