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Facebook and things to come

Sprend now has a Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sprend/131233920261255 It’s in norwegian, because Børre – our norwegian guy – created it. But we’re in the process of transforming it into english, because that’s our default language when communicating with the world (we … Läs mer

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The site was down for almost twenty hours yesterday. Let’s start with the pathetic excuses: Our ISP had a broken cable that took a long time to repair. Obviously one needs a backup ISP for this kind of situation. I … Läs mer

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New server (expanded)

Hello.I’m the sysadmin at Sprend.In this post I’ll expand on Arnes previous post (read that one first), and dive into technical details.So consider yourself warned, this is gonna be fairly nerdy stuff (Actually the Wikipedia geek article has a better … Läs mer

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