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Price increase #

On October 1, 2020, we are raising prices for Sprend Pro from 540 SEK/year to 720 SEK/year, a 33% increase.

Why are we doing this? #

To make more money. We are going to use the money for advertising (Google Ads), a new visual profile, and for hiring programmers. Sprend has great unfulfilled potential and things are just moving too slowly when I am the only hacker at the office. More money means more speed.

Is it going to work out? #

Hopefully, yes. The competitors will still be more expensive after our price increase. If it works out badly we can always change the prices again.

Even more importantly, we will soon offer Sprend in more currencies than SEK, namely EUR, GBP and USD. It’s no surprise we currently have most of our customers in Sweden. Let’s change that too.

New price list #

Sprend Pro 12 months €70 720 kr £62 $85
Sprend Pro 1 month €9 92 kr £8 $11

We are dropping the 3-month plan in favor of a 1-month plan, in line with competitors’ offerings.

By signing up for a year you get 4 months for free compared with the 1-month plan, €70 instead of €9x12 = €108. I think that makes sense since the user would normally take a vacation, even from sprending, during the year.

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